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Winter Fun - Activities to Keep Your Little Ones Active!

As the days now are short and the mornings are cold and dark, it can be a lot less tempting to leave the house. Blankets, pyjama days and hot chocolate suddenly become the order of the day. But when the weather outside is frightful and the kids are saying the old chestnut “I’m bored”, what can you do to keep you and your kin busy indoors?

Here are some ideas we have found to be fun and engaging for both you and your little ones. Go wild, use your imagination and most importantly, have loads of fun!

Great British Bake Off

Dust your apron off, open the cupboard doors and let the fun begin. Kids love cooking and it can be a great way to stimulate and engage young minds. Why not spice it up a bit and create your own family 'Bake Off' competition! Think of some prizes for the lucky winner and bake away!


The online world is an amazing resource. There is no better way then to bring the great outdoors indoors and go on a round the world trip from the comfort of your own living room!

You could open up Google Street View in Google Maps and go for a virtual walk around the worlds capital cities, tropical beaches or Winter wonderlands in Scandinavia. The world is at your finger tips with a laptop or tablet in your hand.

Board games

Very traditional but still amazing fun, board games are great for the whole family and a great way to get their little brains active. You could find yourself solving murder mysteries or even buying million-pound London properties! They are a great way to have a break from technology and challenge young minds and create hours of indoor fun.

Treasure hunt

A good old-fashioned Treasure hunt is always popular with kids, and can provide a good source of entertainment for you and your little one. The fun starts as soon as you begin thinking up the riddles for your game and deciding what clues to use and hiding spots you want to use also is great stimulation. Treasure hunts are educational, fun and will get your kids moving around the house and a good way to get them moving.

Get crafty

From making Christmas decorations, cards to send to the family or winter nature pictures, you’ll be able to help spark their imagination and express themselves creatively with just a few art supplies. Get some paper, glue, card and glitter and away you go! There is loads of inspiration online, have a look together and see what sparks their imaginations!

Film night

Why not bring the magic cinema to your living room and create the perfect family film night! Set up your room just like a cinema, including chairs, blankets and stuffed animals to fill up your movie theatre!

You could create some paper cinema tickets and also set up a snack bar on your coffee table with popcorn, chocolates and crisps and dips. It’ll be a massive hit with the kids, and you!

We hope these activities have given you some inspiration to create a fun family winter experience for your family.

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