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Our Curriculum

Every child has the right to grow up safe, healthy and happy with the tools and skills they need to reach their full potential and excel in life.  

We provide children with an ambitious curriculum rich with experiences that will give every child the belief in themselves and the aspiration they need to keep trying, and in turn, to be the best they can be. The intent of this carefully designed curriculum is to enable children to see themselves as individuals and support them to develop physically, personally, emotionally, socially and intellectually all whilst having the best time. We implement the curriculum by connecting with nature and spend quality time outdoors. This nature-based learning will help children build resilience and encourage critical thinking, escalating their academic potential. 

At Nursery Days we invite teachers and professionals in to the nursery to help the children learn about, and experience, the wider world.These teachers/professionals have included language and sign language teachers, dance schools for many areas of dance including Irish dance and tap, emergency services, Doctors, Dentists and animal encounters to name but a few. We also believe in getting out into the community, to give back, and that really engaging will give children the opportunity to grow mutual respect and love for our world. So on our minibus we visit residential homes, wildlife reserves, farms, shops and rescue centres. We also enjoy and contribute to events such as art exhibitions and environmental development activities in the local area. 

We offer clubs every day that give the children life skills. Cooking, farming, carpentry, gardening, animal care, sports, meditation and self care/well being and movement to music. This also gives children the opportunity to learn about healthy eating, oral hygiene, caring for their bodies, minds, and others.   

We have developed a curriculum that takes inspiration from leading theorists. We plan in the moment, fully believing that children who have the freedom to make choices and explore their own interests, whilst having fun, are more engaged, relaxed and will be ready to learn as our teaching team are there on hand to extend learning and add extra challenges. The impact this has is all children make progress during their time with us. A Nursery Days child will be supported as individuals and taught with the understanding all children will develop at different rates. They will be resilient, confident in their own abilities and we absolutely aspire to ensure Nursery Day’s children are always fully prepared and ready for the next stage and part of their lifelong learning journey. 

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