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Curiosity and Learning 


We believe that our children learn best when they are safe, secure and inspired!

We have embraced The Curiosity Approach, adding a lot more intriguing objects to our rooms. These are the kind of objects that are part of homes, our houses, and the outside world , eg. You might see a fossil or an old lamp inside a clear Curiosity Cube which engages our older children in deep wonder and talk.

In doing this we encourage a sense of fascination, awe and wonder in our children, providing an extra homely environment, full of adventure, inspiring objects and potential for children to fulfil their natural curiosity.   


Our wonderful team of early years educators are all very well qualified (level 3+) and have years of experience in nurturing young minds and delivering inventive and exciting learning experiences. We have a qualified teacher who leads Forest School, and also runs our excellent school-readiness programme, teaching phonics, early literacy and maths.   We often use our wonderful outdoors environments to extend children in ‘natural and real life’  phonics and maths too.   Our team take great pleasure preparing the environment for the next day,  setting up creative and exciting areas to capture children’s interests as they arrive in the morning.
Nursery Days has an enhanced/extra creative curriculum to aid development that ensures our children get a great start before school.    Eg. Our team and children together learn a love for animals and young life. We make excursions to visit the village lambs, and watch chicks hatch from eggs in an incubator in our classroom. Plus, ZooLab visits us every term.

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