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Why Join Nursery Days Preschool

Having friends is hugely beneficial for children. Those who attend nursery will already be proficient in socialising, they will be learning how to share and take turns as part of a group as well as developing talking and communication skills as they chat and play with the adults and their friends.

We encourage independence: At Nursery Days we encourage the children to develop the skills they will need to be independent at school such as dressing themselves, zipping up their coats, changing their shoes. At dinner time we model how to use a knife and fork and encourage them to serve their own dinner before they help to clear away the dishes afterwards.

The children learn with us how to use our lovely activities and resources independently, how to care for them and then how to put them away in the correct place once they have finished with them.

Solving simple problems. We encourage your child to resolve problems by talking when they don't

understand, or something isn't going well. It is important that they also learn when to ask an adult for help. We also encourage them to keep on trying even when they find things tricky.

Encouraging sharing and tolerance. We love to play turn taking games which allow the children to practise social skills and wait for their go. We will always use the language of turn-taking, for example 'Whose turn is it next?' and 'Thank you for waiting. We encourage the children to take responsibility for their actions and to understand consequences for their actions.

Your child is not expected to have amazing literacy or numeracy skills at this age – that’s what school is for! However, here are some ways we help get your child ready for learning when in the classroom.

We help them to recognise their name, when we label their pictures or artistic creations and if they can read their name, once they are at school, they can keep track of labelled clothes and other belongings. We also help them learn to write their names using paint, chalk, water, mud, in sand as well as on every picture or piece of art they create.

We love to share stories. We do this several times a day in small groups or asa whole class group. Being able to sit and listen concentrating on the story is a great way to help prepare your child for carpet sessions when they start school. Regular reading with your child improves their vocabulary and listening skills and acting out stories is a great way to practice communication.

We work hard to hone their fine motor skills. Developing hand strength, fine

motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination all helps prepare your child for writing. Making models from a range of different construction materials, using scissors, kneading and rolling playdough and threading beads or pasta onto string are fun ways we help your child to develop hand strength. Drawing, painting and colouring activities are good for introducing children to mark-making tools.

We introduce your children to numbers. Every day we enjoy singing counting songs together and we count cutlery and the dishes as we set the table for dinner. We make counting an everyday part of their nursery day.

When we go for trips for example to theOrchard, we count how many children are with us and they love to join in as we count them all. The children also help count the cups each snack time, so we have enough for everyone.

We also introduce your children to some early phonics where we teach them to hear and say the sounds correctly. We do this through fun and active games often outside in our lovely outdoor area as well as when we are writing or reading.

About Us:

We are vastly experienced and knowledgeable after years of early years practice as a team. We know that choosing a nursery is a big decision and understand what is important to parents and children. We are aware of the demands and pressures parents have in their lives and so offer many different flexible sessions to suit our individual parents needs. From funded or self funding places to vouchers from work, we will always try to work out what will work best with you.

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