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Why I Love Our Nursery - By Our Manager Amy

My day starts like every other. Alarm, snooze, Alarm and mission get ready for school is in full swing. I drop my children off and head into Upchurch. On entering the village I’m greeted with beautiful views of British trees and, at this time of year, frost covered rolling fields. I am welcomed with the glorious hymns of nature, friendly faces and warm hellos.

As I walk into nursery that’s where the usual becomes magical and no two days are alike. The air is filled with excitement and anticipation of another uniquely wondrous day. The team have set up awe inspiring activities to spark imagination in every child so they can ignite their passion for learning through play. I stand back and watch as one by one children are greeted by their special grown up and join us to make our nursery home complete. One of my favourite parts of the morning is venturing out to our orchard. The walk is rich with views of the glorious countryside and marvellous conversations are had. We spot wildlife, litter pick and make discoveries all along the way. The children learn real life skills, basic navigation skills, and benefit massively from the physical exercise. As walking is known to release feel good hormones our little explorers arrive at the orchard feeling fresh and ready for the experience along with the resilience to tackle any challenging tasks.

Being on hand to enable children and offer thought provoking questions like “I wonder why that’s happened” or “how can we make this work”, is a truly wonderful gift. Using nature as a tool to tinker and create, to express ourselves and understand our world brings a much greater depth of learning. The excitement of potion making with petals and grass, threading in the low branches or digging in the mud to make the most amazingly delicious pies shows on every face adult and child alike. The possibilities are endless and thrilling.

Something that is so important for me is that we offer an extensive range of extra curricular activities every day from gardening club to carpentry workshops, music and music sessions to sewing classes and much more, the children learn skills that will stay with them forever. They gain confidence with every teacher and experience we invite in, be it Spanish sessions or animal encounters all children will have the opportunity to learn about the wider world and how we can contribute to making it so special. It’s heart warming to see wide eyes and amazement and to have the opportunity to encourage children to be playful, happy and fun loving, life long learners.

Then at the end of the day I just love to see the children go home feeling full, content and happy but best of all keen to share their day with their loved ones and excited for what the next Nursery Day has to offer.

About Us: We are vastly experienced and knowledgeable after years of early years practice as a team. We know that choosing a nursery is a big decision and understand what is important to parents and children. We are aware of the demands and pressures parents have in their lives and so offer many different flexible sessions to suit our individual parents needs. From funded or self funding places to vouchers from work, we will always try to work out what will work best with you. Visit Our Website at: #ChildrensNurseryUpchurch #ChildrensNurseryLowerHalstow#ChildrensNurseryHartlip #ChildrensNurseryRainham #ChildrensNurseryGillingham#ChildrensNurseryNewington #ChildrensNurseryIwade #ChildrensNurserySittingbourne#ChildrensNurseryHempstead #ChildrensNurseryBorden #ChildrensNurseryChatham #ChildrensNurseryParkwood #ChildrensNurseryWigmore #ChildrensNurseryBreadhurst #DayNurseryUpchurch #DayNurseryLowerHalstow #DayNurseryHartlip #DayNurseryRainham #DayNurseryGillingham #DayNurseryNewington #DayNurseryIwade #DayNurserySittingbourne #DayNurseryHempstead #DayNurseryBorden #DayNurseryChatham #DayNurseryParkwood #DayNurseryWigmore #DayNurseryBreadhurst

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