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When should I register my child at a nursery?

Finding the perfect nursery for your child is something many parents want to know about, especially what the process is, what to look for, and what’s important. With a lot of choice and options available it can seem a bit daunting at first. Research has shown that many people spend far longer choosing a car than they do choosing a nursery. Yet it is such a important decision for your child and your family.

So should you just take a place at the nursery that’s down the road if even if you feel that it’s not right for your child? We honestly think that spending a bit of time and more importantly, giving yourself the time to look, then you will be rewarded with the right setting for you. We recommend that you start looking early, reading websites, and reading reviews from other parents. This doesn’t have to take long as you can quickly get a feel for what’s on offer and what the Nursery ethos is by comparing websites alone. Once you’ve done that we recommend checking any reviews available on your favourite nurseries to see if they back up your opinion. It’s great to hear the opinions of other parents as this does give a good indication of the quality of the nursery care on offer. Do this with plenty of time to spare before you want your child to start. Think about your child, and what you know they respond to and like. Do you want them to have a homely small nursery team? Are they outdoorsy? Do you want them to spend cosy time indoors too? Try to think about what would be a best fit for you and your child. Once you have done this then you should start arranging viewings. You will soon get a feel for what you are looking for, and when you find the right one you will know.

Why should I look for a nursery place as early as possible?

Your child can start at our nursery at any age from 0-5 years and at any time throughout the year. A number of children start here with us at Nursery Days when they are under two. Baby Rooms tend to have the smallest number of children in their rooms to make it feel like a little Nursery family and allows us to carry out play and learning with the most focused personal care. There are often a few fewer spaces available in rooms for younger children than there are in rooms for toddler or pre-school children because of the lower number of places available.

Many nurseries have waiting lists for children under two years of age and in recent years, demand for childcare has grown and that demand keeps on growing. We hate when parents have to compromise on their preferred choice for anything for their child, and definitely not for a nursery place after they’ve found their perfect setting, so we recommend they always apply early as possible. We wouldn’t want them feeling disappointed when there is not the right session days and times available for their child.

So how soon can I start looking?

We would recommend that even if you’re in your pregnancy or your baby is just born, it’s important to start your childcare search early and make enquiries now as early as possible. You are more than welcome to come and see us if you can!

What is the registration process for our nursery?

Every nursery will have a slightly different registration process that is unique to them, but they will have some similarities. Our registration process is outlined for you below.

1. Book a Nursery Tour

One of the best ways to make your initial enquiry is to arrange a visit/show-around tour of our nursery. You can arrange a tour by contacting the nursery via phone or email or by getting on to our website and filling out the contact form. All are outlined at the end of this blog post.

During your visit to the nursery, our team will make you and your child feel welcome and answer all your questions as well as explain how a day runs for your child. Our Nursery Leader will advise you of the steps you need to take to register your child with our nursery.

Whilst we do not want parents to feel under pressure, it’s important to keep in mind that another family can take your place at any moment and a tour is not a guarantee of a space. Unfortunately, we can only offer you a confirmed place when you have completed our registration form and paid the registration fee.

2. Complete a Registration Form

Following your visit to the nursery, we will give you a registration form to complete, we can help with this if you like too. As soon as you’ve sent in or brought in your completed registration form, our Nursery Leader will look at the childcare sessions you requested on your form and advise whether they can be accommodated and whether we can offer a space for your child, you will then be contacted and your child’s place will be confirmed.

3. Arrange free settling in visits

Once your place has been confirmed we will invite you and your child to some free settling in visits. These usually consist of 3-5 visits over a week or two. You tell us when is convenient and we tell you if we can do. During the visit your child will be able to play with the staff and children to get a feel for the nursery. You will also complete an ‘All About Me’ form with a member of staff on your first settling visit so we can get to know your child’s likes and dislikes, sleep times, and any other important things about them before they start. Once these sessions are complete and we and you are happy that your child is really settled they are then ready to start with us!

To sum up we can’t stress the importance enough of applying early to your chosen nursery in plenty of time much before you want your child to begin nursery sessions. We do see disappointment with late applications, and we really do want to help. The sooner you can register means the best chance to get the space/place and times you would like.

It’s really useful for parents to plan as early as possible as our nursery currently has high levels of applications. This is extremely important if you want to guarantee a place for your child on certain days due to work commitments.

Finally, we really look forward to meeting you and your family if you would like to consider us once you’ve seen our website and reviews. We love what we do, we do actually believe we are the best nursery around, with amazing and inspiring provision, great huge outdoors, beautiful, homely indoors, and the most wonderful kind and gently family team who really care about the children they look after.

About Us:

We are vastly experienced and knowledgeable after years of early years practice as a team. We know that choosing a nursery is a big decision and understand what is important to parents and children. We are aware of the demands and pressures parents have in their lives and so offer many different flexible sessions to suit our individual parents needs. From funded or self funding places to vouchers from work, we will always try to work out what will work best with you.

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