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  • Leanne Ammon

Well-Being and New Starts this February!

With spring arriving it’s time to refresh old patterns, rethink old habits and return to a cleaner, fresher you. Just as nature sheds the old and embraces the new, we can shake off all that no longer serves us and instead grab hold of the things that we know will move us forward into a fresh, new start.

Events from the last few years have had an impact on us all in varying degrees. Choosing to view the positive over the negative is a choice we make daily but it’s not always easy. So, now that we have entered another year with another Spring on its way, perhaps we can take inspiration form the nature around us and begin to shift our focus. Take our experiences from the last few years and bring them with us to somewhere brighter. As a reminder of how strong we have been, of how strong we are and will continue to be. Making a positive mindset your focus every day is an important first step in increasing well-being.

Being kind has become a popular phrase recently. Yet sometimes we hear it so often it can lose impact. But to be kind is to gain an inner strength and beauty that, if conscious, daily effort is made, will radiate through you into every area of your life. And will reach out further into the universe than you can imagine.

And by making the effort with our minds and the thoughts that we choose, our physical selves will benefit. A positive mind will naturally lean towards doing things that are good for our bodies. Healthy food choices, plenty of hydration and, of course, exercise. Movement is a guaranteed way of kickstarting a positive mood. Lockdown walks needn’t become a thing of the past. Keep them going. Walking is so underrated and yet it calms anxious thoughts, gives space to overcrowded ones, it energises and inspires.

Its time we started doing nice things for ourselves again. And this year feels like a good place to start.

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