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  • Leanne Ammon

New Year Resolutions. Tips to Stay Healthy and Positive in the New Year!

Another year, another resolution. Whether it’s losing a few Christmas pounds or attempting a more long-term health plan, January traditionally is the time when our health becomes a focus for many of us. This year is no different, despite coming out of a year where health has been at the top of the priority list, the focus of the headlines and the thing we are protecting most. The health of the nation has been so fragile and becoming ill has seemed at times so inevitable. So what will we be doing individually to keep promoting our own health as well as that of our friends and neighbours?

Well, if the last year has proved anything it’s our own capacity to remain disciplined in maintaining a course of action that benefits not only ourselves but everyone around us. So, a new year’s resolution should be easy….shouldn’t it?

Yes and no. It depends on what it is, doesn’t it? A new year’s resolution shouldn’t be about punishing yourself for a few days, or weeks ahem, of over indulgence and enjoying yourself. That’s where so many of us give up after a few days. Because it’s no fun and it makes you feel chastised. Instead, the focus needs to be on something that you actually want to allow into your life. Something that is a welcome addition to your day, not something to get through or dread. Rather than saying ‘I need to lose those festive pounds’, reframe it into something more pleasurable like ‘I want to have a nice walk somewhere in nature every day.’ It’s much more likely you’ll stick to a resolution if you start to see it as something to look forward to. Like adding a 20 minute walk somewhere in nature to your day. Or a bike ride. Or a fun exercise class you’ve had your eye on.

In a year where health has been such a focus, avoiding germs and minimising risk, it has become second nature almost to assess everywhere you go and everyone you see in terms of health. Hand sanitizer, washing hands, door handles, steering wheels, shopping trolley bars…all of which we knew were germ breeders but never really paid much attention to. It was immune system boosting stuff. But now, now we are sterilising everything. it can become a bit of a drag. And rather than add more demoralising activities to your new year agenda, it’s time to add some fun. Something for you. Something that will boost your mood, your confidence and, yes, your health.

It’s not a resolution. More a much-needed reset into a more positive year ahead.

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