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  • Leanne Ammon

My Home is my Sanctuary

Spring time is the epitome of fresh starts and new beginnings so it makes sense that we see an emphasis on well-being at this time of year. The focus usually points at ourselves, our minds and our bodies, but what about other areas of our lives?

I like to think of my home being my sanctuary. Somewhere I can return to and feel safe and secure at the end of every day. So, what can we do within our homes to create that sense of security and to fuel our emotional and physical well-being?

Perhaps one of the most effective things we can do to ensure our homes are our sanctuaries is to take inspiration from the Danish, who treat their homes as a tool for their well-being, their mindset and their positivity. Hygge is all about ensuring your home is somewhere that makes you smile, greets you with cosiness and helps to swap the grey outside for warmth and joy inside. Candles and soft lighting, good, nourishing food, and soft materials all work together to heighten your emotional and physical well-being. All designed to help you leave the cold and grey at the door.

Decorating your rooms with a house plant is a great way of bringing the outdoors inside. A little dash of nature and full of natural healing properties. Snake plants and Peace Lilies, to name just two, can help prevent mould spores, they purify the air in the room, and they can decrease the amount of toxins floating about from the products we use. You can spend as much or as little as you like but investing in a few of these magical plants is a beautiful and natural way of investing in your health.

Yoga is one of the most home-friendly exercises we can do. Even ten minutes of stretching can relax and tone your muscles, it can stimulate your organs and give you a sense of calm at the end of a long day.

In a world that can seem uncertain at times, our homes can provide us with just what we need to feel more positive.

About Us:

We are vastly experienced and knowledgeable after years of early years practice as a team. We know that choosing a nursery is a big decision and understand what is important to parents and children. We are aware of the demands and pressures parents have in their lives and so offer many different flexible sessions to suit our individual parents needs. From funded or self funding places to vouchers from work, we will always try to work out what will work best with you.

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