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Curiosity – An Important Skill for Any Child to Learn

Importance of Curiosity in children

We’re born with an unbridled sense curiosity. In fact, even from the youngest age You simply can’t keep a child from grabbing, touching, and reaching for everything in their reach. From the very beginning a child is trying to understand the world around them. Unfortunately more and children are being placed in front of TVs and tablet screens instead of getting out and about to explore. If we don’t give children time to explore when they are small, they won’t become curious because they will never be used to using it in day to day life.

Developing curiosity helps a child to be able to continually grow, learn and question the world around them, develop an imagination and fosters a sense of creativity that gives them the basic tools they need to be successful adults. So what does curiosity look like? You can spot it in children that :daydreams about being an astronaut or racing driver, puts together their own very unique outfits in the morning when getting dressed, doodles, draws, cuts, sticks and paints and isn’t satisfied with a one-sentence answer to a question that they may ask such as “Why did the dinosaurs die?

Why is Curiosity important?

It banishes boredom. The majority of the trouble that children get into starts with boredom. Healthy curiosity gives children the ability to go “un-entertained” without incident. If a child can imagine, they can occupy and entertain themselves. It also encourages a child to be more self-sufficient and able to solve their own problems.

How can curiosity be cultivated in children?

Importance of Curiosity in children

Teach them to be flexible thinkers and doers. Model this in everything you yourself do, children are great modelers and will learn from your reactions.

Encourage (and allow) them to make their own choices. It can be scary but letting go and not being too controlling in your children’s activities can do wonders for a creative mind.

Help them feel confident and competent enough to explore. Give them the tools and materials to get creative. Give open ended tasks with no right or wrong answers, this will inspire a creative, problem solving mind.

Importance of Curiosity in children

Support and share in their exploration and discovery. When your child has a success, and works out something for themselves celebrate it!

Bring novelty and challenge into their routines. Try and change things up form time to time and make even the most mundane asks a little more exciting.

Sensory play is an amazing inspiration to a child’s curiosity. Sensory play is all about giving children the freedom and encouraging them to reach out to what is around them and become a part of world experiences.

Importance of Curiosity in children

Asking questions and sparking their thought process is something that is easily done with children. Talk to them and ask them simple questions that encourage them to think about what they are experiencing. How does the grass feel against your feet? Do you hear the sound the birds make? Even babies who can’t form the sentence to answer pick up on action words like feel and hear. By asking intentional questions, you stretch a child’s mind and reasoning ability, and encourage their creativity and independence.

The scientific research is clear that children who often experience curiosity and wonder, and act on these feelings to explore their world fare better at school, in relationships, at work, and end up being intelligent, creative, satisfied people. They just need to be encouraged to explore and given the space and freedom to discover.

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