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Children’s Party Trends for 2023!

Hosting a party at home can seem overwhelming. Whether it’s the noise, the mess or the crowd, the idea of a party at home can leave some parents spending money on a venue instead. However, venue parties can be just as stressful as you have less control if the day doesn’t go quite as expected. So if you’re considering having your child’s party at home, or you don’t want to pay out for a venue, here are some ideas on how to make it both successful and enjoyable.

Keep numbers small

Don’t be tempted to invite too many. Choose the friends your child has formed firmer bonds with. This way, the party won’t feel overcrowded, and your child will be able to spend more time with their close friends. A good number is around the same age as your child. So if they are turning 5, invite between 4 and 6 friends.


Hand these out with consideration. Don’t expect your child, or their teacher, to hand them out in front of those that aren’t being invited. No one wants to feel excluded so discretion is key. Sending e-invitations via text or email is an eco-friendly and discreet way to invite a small number of guests with offending anyone else. You will probably get a quicker response too.


Ask your child what type of party they might like. Do they have a favourite film or animal or colour? You can base the decorations around this and it will give you some ideas for the cake too. Ask them if they would like party games and if so, which ones would they like? This will give you time to prepare for pass the parcel, or to make up a playlist for musical statues.


Talk about what they would like to do in between the party games? Perhaps they can get creative and make something that their friends can take home with them? Hobby shops often sell craft kits that you can make up for each child. With only a few children, setting up an area will be a lot easier to manage. You could use your dining table or have a little table outside in the garden.

Perhaps, if the weather is nice, you could have a tea party or picnic outside? They could even come in fancy dress!


Keep it short and sweet. Two hours is an acceptable time frame and don’t be tempted to make it longer. Its far better to leave them wanting more.


Be mindful of your pets. Most animals don’t like lots of noise and sudden movements, and it isn’t fair on either your pet or the children to have them in the same area. Leave them with a family member or trusted friend.

And remember, this is a time for celebration and enjoying the day your child turns another year older. Keeping it small and simple will allow you to watch your child interact with their friends. Its going to be the best party in the world!

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