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Is Your Child Ready for School?

Transitioning into “big school” is an extremely exciting time, but can be a little daunting for both parents and children, so a positive approach is always important. Our nursery staff are here to give support every step of the way.

We can help with any worries or fears on the lead up to school because we offer children opportunities to talk about their concerns and to ask questions. Often these worries will be about practical issues, such as leaving friendship groups or a key worker.

Here are just some of the ways in which children at Nursery Days are prepared for school...

We encourage independence

At Nursery Days, alongside parents, we encourage children to develop the skills they will need to be independent at school — such as dressing themselves, zipping up their coats, changing their shoes, etc. Every meal time, we model how to use a knife and fork and encourage children to serve their own food, before they help to clear away the dishes afterwards.

Under our guidance, the children learn how to use our lovely activities and resources independently, how to care for them and then how to put them away in the correct place once they have finished with them.

At Nursery Days, children learn social skills and create friendships

Having friends is hugely beneficial for children. Those who attend nursery will already be proficient at socialising. They will be learning how to share and take turns as part of a group, as well as developing talking and communication skills, as they chat and play with the adults and their friends.

We encourage literacy

At Nursery Days, we help children to recognise their name when we label their artwork and if they can read their name, they can keep track of labelled clothes and other belongings once they are at school. We also help them learn to write their names using paint, chalk, water, mud, in sand, and to label every picture or piece of art they create themselves.

We love to share stories. We do this several times a day in small groups or as a whole class. Being able to sit and listen, concentrating on the story, is a great way to help prepare your child for carpet sessions when they start school. Reading regularly with your child and lots of lovely bedtime stories will improve their vocabulary and listening skills; acting out stories is a great way to practise communication.

We also introduce the children to some early phonics, encouraging them to hear and say sounds correctly. We do this through fun and active games often outside in our lovely outdoor area, as well as when we are writing and reading.

We provide an introduction to Mathematics

We introduce your children to numbers every day! We enjoy singing counting-

songs together and we count cutlery and the dishes as we set the table for mealtimes. We make counting a natural part of their nursery day. For example, when we go for trips — perhaps to the Orchard — we count how many children are with us and they love to join in with this, as well as counting objects we find on our journey. This is a lovely activity to try as a family whilst out on a walk.

As a nursery, we work very closely with the local schools, inviting teachers to visit. This allows a teacher to meet a child in an environment where they feel safe and secure. We value enormously our excellent partnerships with parents, encouraging them to talk regularly with their children about the move to school, so that everyone is able to feel at ease during this important transition.

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